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York Uncovered Tour

Uncomfortable York Walking Tour - York Uncovered Tour

Join us on an insightful walking tour of York, highlighting untold histories and diverse stories.

On the York Uncovered tour, you will go beyond the conventional stories of the city, hearing about the impact of women, people of colour, and LGBTQIA+ individuals from York's past. This tour invites attendees to see beneath the surface and uncover the lesser known narratives of York, while gaining a general overview of the city and its history. Walking through the beautiful city centre, you will discuss historical memory, industrial heritage, and uncover the colonial significance of 'chocolate city’. 

The tour was written and researched by academic historians and is delivered by trained guides. It asks questions that provoke new ways of seeing the city landscape and its history, encouraging attendees to bring their personal experiences and views to the group discussion.

Tour Schedule

Group Tours

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Private Tours

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